Why join the St. Paul Club?

Since 1920, The Saint Paul Club has stood the test of time, through depressions and recessions, floods and fires, the good times and the bad, as the place to be on Wednesday at noon.

Irreverent, non-principled, politically incorrect and spirited spontaneity are but a few of the words used to describe the "goings-on" at the weekly meetings.  A few stag parties along with golf and baseball outings plus a great Valentine Party add to the fun.

If you are typical of today's business and professionals, in all probability you find yourself.. short on time, long on problems and "fun is something you enjoyed in the "good ole days"!  If the tedium of dealing with never-ending government regulations, unreasonable customer complaints, unbelievable employee attitudes and exasperating legal hassles has become the order of your day.. then perhaps you are in need of an "escape" ... if only for a couple of hours a week.

If you are interested, please contact a member to join us for lunch,  and give us a "look".  On the other hand, if you lack the need for self-expression or a sense of humor, are thin-skinned or easily insulted, this may not be the Club for you.

Limited openings exist for qualified new members.

Dues are $162.00 per quarter, with an Initiation fee of $50 , $212 total.

The St. Paul Club is a private club.  All applications must be presented by a member in good standing and approved by the board.

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